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if i could rearrange the alphabet id put M C R back together

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I have started to outgrow mcr and there is no use in letting all this merch go to waste, so i am having a giveaway.

Everything pictured is included

Four Danger Days Era posters

Six t-shirts (XL M) 

CDs: Bullets, Revenge, The Black Parade, Greatest Hits (unopened with brassard)

DVDs: Life On The Murder Scene, The Black Parade is Dead

Two unopened Kerrang Magazines featuring MCR

An MCR biography

One MCR patch

One iPhone 4 MCR case

and one MCR sticker

all this cost me a little over $300 and you can get it for free


  • Must be following me. I will check
  • must reblog to enter
  • reblog as much as you want
  • I will ship anywhere in the US and pay for the shipping
  • International shipments may have to be payed for by the recipient
  • Have your ask boxes open
  • Winner will be randomly selected on September 5th (most likely at 7pm Central time)

Reblog away

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r ay 

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i’m so excited for ray’s solo stuff like he’s so talented & imagine going to a ray toro concert and MEETING RAY TORO

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Ray Toro - FTLAB (Demo)

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Title: Joyriding
Artist: frnkiero andthe cellabration
Played: 29 times

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wish you were here!

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